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EURO-TITAN POWER Renewable Resources, Ltd. (ETRR) achieves its remarkable cost metrics using thin film solar technology, which is more cost effective than, and superior in performance to, traditional thick film technologies such as crystalline silicon (c-Si). Thin film technologies are also superior in avoiding CdTe’s problematic use of toxic cadmium.

panelsOur thin film offerings include the following technologies:

Amorphous Silicon (a-Si) – Amorphous Silicon is a thin film application that has proven itself over many years to be superior to thick film applications, particularly in high temperature and low light conditions.

Copper Indium Gallium DiSelenide (CIGS) – CIGS is a newer thin film technology that offers an efficiency (conversion of sunlight to electricity) in the range of 10%, and lower manufacturing costs than a-Si.

Solar Duo  – Solar Duo combines the best of a-Si and CIGS with an efficiency in the range of 12%.

ETRR has assembled one of the leading teams of solar energy experts in the industry. The ETRR team has been involved in the industry for many years, installing thin film manufacturing systems across Europe and Asia, and pioneering applications that have moved the solar industry forward. The team has extensive expertise in sourcing the highest grade and most cost-effective equipment, installing the manufacturing systems, training the customers in the production of the solar panels, and assisting in the maintenance of the factories. ETRR also offers existing production facilities testing, upgrade and expansion services.

We are also focused on ongoing research and development, constantly upgrading technologies utilized in the factories.  By conducting our own research and keeping apprised of the latest developments in the industry, we ensure that our installations use only the most advanced and the highest grade components.

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